Tropical Islands

Welcome to tropical paradise place where beauties of best tropical islands are revealed

With almost all of us dreaming of visiting one of these exotic countries and places Tropical Paradise offers an extensive outlook to all most popular tropical destinations and, as well, looking to boost awareness on some less popular places.

Read, choose and enjoy your next vacation in one of these tropical destinations, be it cheap or expensive, they certainly deserve your attention.

Vacations in Tropical Islands

Talking about a vacation in the tropical islands, we first imagine Paradise and eternal summer, golden beaches and lush green tropical plants. Since our childhood, many of us dream to be in the place of the world famous heroes of Jules Verne and Daniel Dafoe, find ourselves on uninhabited islands, meet their unique nature, experience the life our ancestors used to lead once

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Famous Spots in Tropical Countries

The countries lying between Tropic of Cancer (23.5 o N) and Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 o S) are called the Tropical countries. They basically fall in the tropic zone of the world. These countries receive perpendicular rays from the sun for at least one day every year. It will be incorrect to generalize the atmosphere of the tropical countries as one with palm trees and beach but mostly the ones that attract tourists have this kind of an ambiance ...

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