Caroline Islands

Guide to Caroline Islands

Welcome to Caroline Islands, a place where the beauty have to be seen to be believed! Caroline Islands is among the most remote islands on earth and is considered to be one of very few remaining 'near-pristine tropical islands' boasting unspoiled beauty, heavy vegetation, rich wildlife, numerous spectacular waterfalls, long mangroves, enchanting rainforests and historical ruins and most of all very clear water ideal for snorkeling, awesome fishing, surfing, diving and kite surfing.

Caroline Island or Caroline Atoll (also known as Millenium Island), lies near the southeastern end of the Line Islands covering a total land mass of 1,199 sq km. The archipelago comprises about half a thousand volcanic and coral islands in Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean, north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines. Major islands are Palau (Belau), Yap, Chuuk (Truk Lagoon), Pohnpei (Ponape) and Kosrae, fertile and rich in minerals. The inhabitants of the islands are mostly Micronesians and Polynesians. Other significant population includes Japanese and Filipinos.

Geographically part of the Caroline Island chain in the Pacific Ocean, Palau became independent as the Republic of Palau in 1994. The archipelago of Palau is famous for the Rock Islands where you will find stunning marine environment that over the years has dazzled tourists from different corners of the world to experience some of the world's best scuba diving. Palau also boasts a wealth of endemic birds, plants, mammals and amphibians. In the upland forests of Palau the most diverse species in Micronesia are found including six native palm species.

Yap Island is an archipelago composed of four continental islands joined within a common coral reef. Known as the 'mysterious Isle of stone money' for its stone money or Fe which are donut-shaped, carved disks of calcite of various sizes presenting a unique mélange of past, present and future. 'To do' things in Yap Island include cultural tours around the island, eco tour perfect for venturing into the rainforests and jungles to explore the stunning flora and fauna, diving in Giant Mantas, one of the true wonders of the sea, sports fishing and surfing. The island boasts fine accommodation choices to meet your every specific needs and budget. Some popular ones include the five-star Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Dives, Traders' Ridge Resort, Colonia, O'keefe's Waterfront Inn and others.

Chuuk (Truk) Island encompasses 15 large islands, over 190 outer islands and 80 small islands and is home to one of the world's largest lagoons, infamous for being the final resting place for more than a hundred ships, planes and submarines that is why it has become one of the most visited getaways in Caroline Islands suitable for novice and experienced dive enthusiasts. Many of the wrecks are visible while snorkeling. 'Garden Island' is the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia, featuring diverse and pristine diving opportunities, several hotels and resorts offering quality service, modern amenities and loads of activities to be busy with all day long from visiting to exotic waterfalls to going fishing expeditions to boating and kayaking trips. Pohnpei is home to historical sites that surely pay a visit including the archaeological site of Nan Madol, sometimes called the 'Venice if the pacific' Sokens Mass Grave, German Bell Tower, Spanish Wall and much more.

Head to Caroline Islands, a place totally different in time and space and spend a vacation to last a lifetime!