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Composed of 32 low-lying atolls and the chief raised coral Banaba Island scattered over 2 million square miles across the central Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Kiribati invites all travelers in search of an active holiday. Miles of golden and white-sand beaches, numerous wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful crystal-clear turquoise lagoons, amazing marine life, extensive coral reefs, as well as eternal sunshine are what make Kiribati a true tropical paradise. Kiribati is recognized by its rich flora and fauna, including coconut palms which are the most common form of vegetation, as well as pandanus, pawpaw and breadfruit. One of the most beautiful vacation destinations, Kiribati boasts a plethora of outdoor adventures, including both land and water experiences. The islands' breathtaking natural beauty and the alluring flora and fauna make the destination a wonderful choice for nature lovers.

Located off the beaten path, in an untouched corner of Micronesia, Kiribati (formerly known as the Gilbert Islands) is subdivided into three main groups known as the Gilbert Islands comprising 16 atolls, the Phoenix and the Line Islands each made up of 8 atolls. Kiribati is home to Kiritmati (Christmas Island) which is the largest coral atoll in the world, measuring 388 sq km, and Banaba, known as Ocean island-one of the three phosphate rock islands in the Pacific. The 22 of 33 islands are inhabited. Tarawa is the capital of Kiribati housing nearly a third of the nation's population.

Kiribati experiences hot and humid climate and equatorial maritime weather with varying temperatures. Generally the weather is consistently warm and pleasant, though the islands are subject of typhoons occurring November to March.

The island has a lot to offer fishing fans and divers. Your visit will be incomplete if you do not head to the Christmas Islands where you will experience the best fishing. Scuba diving will let you catch the glimpse of astonishing underwater world, nestled in many atolls and coral reefs. Other popular activities include canoe racing, swimming, lagoon tour, hiking and walking excursions, as well as cultural and adventurous experiences.

Kiribati is ideal for non-standard travelers wanting something different. You can find no resorts in Kiribati; instead there are only two hotels worth staying, one in the capital Tarawa, and the other on the Kiritimati (Christmas) Island. Several traditional-style home stay guest houses, lodges and motels on other islands are also available. Hotels offer restaurants that serve local fresh seafood.

Located on the northern side of Christmas Island, Captain Cook Hotel is a diver's and fisher's paradise, offering 24 double bedded rooms and 6 bungalows with contemporary amenities, including coffee/tea making facilities, fridge, private shower and toilet. Nearby you can find a dining room and a market. Engage in beach activities and a wide selection of water opportunities, including scuba diving and snorkeling and make memories long a lifetime. Other famous accommodation options include Tarawa Motel, Pearl Shell Hideaway and Tabon Te Keekee Homestay.

Head to the remote and isolated island of Kiribati, best-known as the 'smell of the sea' and enjoy your holidays to the fullest!