Society Islands

Guide to Society Islands , Bora Bora , Tahiti

The South Pacific Ocean brims with mysterious and alluring islands, crystal clear waters and stunning natural beauty, yet its remote geography deters plenty of holidaymakers from traveling here. The central south Pacific is home to French Polynesia, a French overseas collectivity comprising some 130 islands and atolls included in 5 island groups: Society, Marquesas, Gambier and Austral Islands, as well as Tuamotu Archipelago.

Society Islands, known as "Paradise on earth" is an archipelago made up of two groups- the Leeward Islands including Rai'atea- the largest island, Bora Bora, Huahine, Maupiti, Tahaa, Maiao, Maupihaa, Tupai, Manuae and Motu One and the Windward Islands, housing Tahiti - the largest island of the Windward group, Moorea, Mehetia and Tetiaroa. Of these, only eight islands are populated and the most visited legendary islands are Tahiti, Bora Bora, Huahine and Moorea offering almost 80% of accommodation options to suit a range of expectations and budgets. The capital of the Society Islands is Papeete.

Society Islands boast rich history; interesting archaeological sites, fantastic tropical scenery, palm fringed beaches, exceptional sailing destinations, scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities and some of the largest lagoons in the world.

Climate: Covering a total land area of 1,680 square kilometers, Society Islands experience tropical oceanic climate with average temperature ranging between 20°C and 28°C from May to October which are the driest months. Annual rainfall can reach from 1,700 mm at the sea level to more than 8,000 mm on mountain peaks.

Bora Bora First settled by Polynesian in 850, Bora Bora (with total land area of 29 sq km) is a volcanic island, surrounded by coral reefs with a chain of islets and a deep turquoise lagoon, its highest peak reaching to the twin Mounts of Otemanu and Pahia, which drop sharply to the lagoon. The west side of the island is home to a spacious harbor. Bora Bora (meaning 'first born,') was first discovered by the navigator Roogeveen in 1722 and then visited by Captain Cook in the 1796.

There are plenty of attractions in Bora Bora that merit a visit; one of them is certainly the exotic Lagoonarium, an amazing place having no equal in the world. Here you will get acquainted with fascinating marine life, including dolphins, turtles, sharks and loads of tropical fish; moreover you will have the chance to swim alongside these wonderful creatures and interact with them by the help of experienced underwater guides. Another unique place the tourists visit is, perhaps, the most popular white sandy Matira Beach, where you can experience many lagoon activities: kayaking or outrigger canoe, scuba diving in Bora Bora's shallow lagoon, also snorkeling. You can find over 700 tropical fish species, giant sharks and manta rays.

Bora Bora can also be explored from the air by helicopter. You will really be blessed to experience sharks and rays from the sky as well as enjoy the thousands of blue, green and turquoise shades of the lagoon. The island features 12 four-star and five-star hotels and is considered a popular tourist destination. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is a five-star luxury hotel close to Le meridian Beach, featuring a private beach. Home to 100 guestrooms with balconies overlooking the beach, ocean or mountains, the resort also boasts premium bedding facilities, Fitness Centre, wonderfully designed pool, and 24-hour room service. Let all your dreams come true in Bora Bora - the Pearl of the Pacific.

Tahiti - the island of love

Home to 118 islands and atolls, the glamorous Tahiti is perhaps the main largest and most populated island in French Polynesia with a land area of approximately 1000 square kilometers and home to the capital Papeete. Papeete is home to many cathedrals and churches, galleries, museums, parks, botanical gardens and shopping centers. Most Tahiti islands are blessed with many striking-like peaks, stunning lagoons, gorgeous sugary white and black sand beaches, fertile gardens, spectacular waterfalls and lush tropical valleys of the rain forest.

The islands of Tahiti always have something to offer every traveler from colorful history and culture, to rich variety of attractions and great air, land and water activities, including helicopter tours, parachuting and paragliding, parasailing, guided mountain biking rides, equestrian activities and Tahiti cruises. Water activities offer many surfing spots, scuba diving centers as well as diving-suit lagoon excursions, snorkeling and outrigger canoes. The only thing you should is to enjoy this tropical paradise.

Tahiti is a perfect destination for those who seek a romantic hideaway, for families and any all kinds of vacationers. Whether you want to be as busy as a bee, or simply relax in any of the most fascinating corners of the islands - Tahiti is the best place to visit.

Tahiti features many luxurious resort hotels, all offering the same warm welcoming hospitality, proximity to the beach and calm, tranquil atmosphere. One of the best known accommodations in Tahiti is the 5-star Intercontinental Resort and Spa, situated on the western coast of Tahiti, boasting overwater villas, nicest bungalows, and deluxe rooms with panoramic views decorated in colonial Polynesian style. Don't miss to experience the show of Grands Ballets de Tahiti- one of the famous Polynesian dance performances.

Visit the gracious Society Islands and make your memories a lifetime dream. Explore incredibly beautiful blue waters, Pacific tranquility and a unique way of life. Be sure that vacations in Society Islands are more than adventurous and that one day you will surely come back.